How Much More Will It Cost Me to Live with a Disability?

Just how much more does it cost to live with a disability? That’s the question raised in a recent article published on, an independent news website. Per the article, people know much less about the disabled community than they realize. For instance, most people believe disability is rare. However, according to statistics referenced in article, one in seven adults is disabled. Another thing that is often misunderstood about living with a disability is how much more it costs.

What Are the Costs of Living with a Disability?

Per piece, in many cases, people with disabilities are more likely to either already be poor or become poor. This is often due to difficulties associated with their disability, such as getting an education and finding a good job. However, in addition to those factors, people with disabilities have higher costs of living than their non-disabled counterparts, including increased medical expenses, home and vehicle modifications and special equipment (wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc…). People with disabilities may also need to pay for in-home assistance from a caregiver or nurse and may have to live in certain neighborhoods to be close to work and/or accessible services. In the US, these costs can range from $1,100 to $6,900 more per year.

What Costs Do Social Security Disability Benefits Cover?

In the following video, Tulsa Social Security disability attorney Steve Troutman explains what costs Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cover.

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