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    A woman hugs a man from behind as he smiles toward the camera. The Oklahoma disability benefits lawyers at Troutman & Troutman have been helping people in Muskogee for decades and have helped thousands of people across the state.

    Social Security Attorneys for People in Muskogee

    When Muskogee residents run into hard times because of health declines that trigger income losses, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be a lifesaver.

    But it’s a giant government program and an overwhelming process to get benefits. The Troutman & Troutman Muskogee SSDI lawyers can be your guide.

    Troutman was founded with the values of service to our Oklahoma neighbors, dedication to our local communities, and the belief that everyone deserves to be treated with caring and respect when life disruptions lead them to disability benefits.

    This is what you get when you work with our Social Security attorneys:

    • A law firm serving Oklahoma for 30 years
    • A team that has helped over 10,000 people
    • A roster of disability lawyers with 150 years of experience
    • Deep roots in the local community

    It’s natural to have a lot of questions about the Social Security Disability process, and also to wonder what a disability attorney does for you.

    We’ve got answers for you below. And if you’re in Muskogee and looking at getting disability benefits, you can contact us any time to find out more.

    Let us help you find relief from financial stress—and hope for a more secure life.

    Disability Law Is All We Do.

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    A man and woman sit next to each other on a couch looking at paperwork. If you have questions about Social Security Disability benefits in Muskogee, you can ask the Troutman & Troutman disability law firm.

    Answers to Common Questions from Our Muskogee SSDI Lawyers

    If you’re applying for Social Security Disability benefits or appealing a denial of benefits, chances are this is new to you. You haven’t dealt with Social Security a lot.

    The Troutman & Troutman Muskogee Social Security attorneys do this every day.

    To help you get your bearings, on this website we provide answers to frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability.

    Here are some top questions:

    • What types of disability benefits are available? SSDI benefits are for people who have just stopped working. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) helps people with low economic means and little recent work history.
    • How do I qualify for benefits? To get Social Security Disability benefits, you must be unable to work because of your health for at least one year.
    • How much will I get? The size of your monthly checks from SSDI varies with your earnings history. SSI pays a uniform amount set by the government. You also get Medicare eligibility with SSDI. You qualify for SoonerCare with SSI.
    • What is Social Security Disability back pay? Usually when you win benefits, you’ve been waiting a while for the decision. Social Security pays a lump sum to cover the time you were eligible for benefits but waiting.
    • Can I lose eligibility for benefits? Disability benefits are permanent, but some circumstances, such as occasional reviews by Social Security, can lead to your benefits stopping. But you can do something about it.
    • What are Social Security Disability death benefits? Family members of a disability benefits recipient who died can often receive survivors’ benefits.
    • What does a Social Security attorney cost? The Social Security Administration and disability lawyers understand that affording sounds/ tough. So they set a rule that YOU DON’T PAY AN ATTORNEY FEE UNTIL YOU WIN BENEFITS. Fees have strict limits and are only paid out of your back benefits.

    Find out more about how your disability claim may work—FOR FREE—in an initial consultation with the Muskogee Social Security Disability lawyers at Troutman.

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    A woman and man sit at a kitchen table smiling for a photo. If you have a Muskogee Social Security attorney from Troutman & Troutman, they can make the process of applying for disability benefits much easier.

    How Do Our Muskogee Social Security Attorneys Help You?

    It’s a lot of work to seek Social Security Disability benefits—at a time when your health is sapping your energy for work.

    If you have an experienced disability lawyer on your claim, you can rest easier. Your lawyer will handle the legwork, steer you away from mistakes, stay on top of deadlines, and keep you informed on the process.

    These are some of the jobs of Social Security attorneys:

    • Helping you correctly fill out Social Security Disability forms
    • Gathering and organizing your medical evidence from your health care provider
    • Compiling your relevant work history information
    • Responding promptly to requests for information from Social Security
    • Keeping your file with Social Security up to date
    • If your application is denied, identifying and addressing the reasons
    • Building legal arguments for your benefits and writing legal briefs
    • Preparing you and representing you in front of a disability judge
    • Appealing your case to higher levels if needed

    Troutman & Troutman Muskogee SSDI lawyers know the local Social Security offices, health care services, the demands of jobs in the local economy, and the community in general.

    For something as important to your well-being as getting disability benefits, you shouldn’t have to work with strangers. We listen to you, get to know you and care.

    When people in Muskogee need benefits that can improve their lives, they come to Troutman & Troutman.

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    “(My disability lawyer) was professional and very knowledgeable. She explained how Social Security determines eligibility in a way that was understandable. She and her staff were quick to respond to emails or phone calls. She won an appeal of a denial of disability benefits for my son. I highly recommend if you need help with a Social Security matter.”

    Maureen Knudson in Google Reviews


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