Can I Be Denied Social Security If My Doctor Says I Am Disabled?

Social Security benefits are extremely important for people with disabilities who are unable to work. Without these benefits, your quality of life can be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, seeking and obtaining benefits is a difficult process. There


Medical Records For Disability Hearings

If you applied for Social Security Disability benefits or filed for reconsideration, then the claims examiner is the party responsible for obtaining your medical records. However, the process is different if you request a hearing before an


Why Can’t I Log On To My Social Security Account?

LEARN MORE ABOUT SSD, SSI, SSDI BENEFITS HERE|HAVE A QUESTION? CHECK OUT OUR SSD FAQ HERE There are more than 59 million survivors, retirees and workers with disabilities depending on Social Security in this country. So it made


Social Security Appeal: How Should I Dress?

One item we like to hammer home to clients is that how they present themselves during a hearing can have an outcome on their case.  Some of our clients are able to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)


“(My disability lawyer) was professional and very knowledgeable. She explained how Social Security determines eligibility in a way that was understandable. She and her staff were quick to respond to emails or phone calls. She won an appeal of a denial of disability benefits for my son. I highly recommend if you need help with a Social Security matter.”

Maureen Knudson in Google Reviews


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