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Medical Records for Disability Hearings

If you applied for Social Security benefits or filed for reconsideration, then the claims examiner is the party responsible for obtaining your medical records. However, the process is different if you request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). In this case, you would be responsible for obtaining your medical records. If you have an attorney, you can give them legal permission to access the records on your behalf.   Which Medical Records Are Needed for My Disability Hearing? There are certain types of medical records you will need to obtain for a hearing before an administrative law judge. Medical records are essential for showing that you currently suffer from a disability, or that you will continue to suffer from one in the future. Be sure to obtain both old and new medical records related to your disability. You should also go through records associated with your disability claim…
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How Do Living Arrangements Affect SSI Benefits?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is available for disabled Oklahoma residents who are over the age of 65 years old and disabled. However, SSI is a needs-based program. In order to qualify for SSI, you must have limited income and resources available. Unfortunately, this threshold is determined by how many people you live with, and the support and care received by others. Understanding how your living arrangements could affect your SSI benefits is key to collecting the maximum benefits you are entitled to.   How Do Living Arrangements Affect SSI Benefits? Since the amount of SSI is based on income and not living expenses, it is possible for a person claiming SSI benefits to live with another person. In order to receive maximum benefits, however, the recipient must pay for their own food and shelter. Otherwise, benefits may be reduced. Your SSI benefits may be reduced by the Social Security Administration…
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Can I Be Denied Social Security if My Doctor Says I Am Disabled?

Social Security benefits are extremely important if you are disabled and unable to work. Without these benefits, your quality of life can be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, seeking and obtaining benefits is a difficult process full of regulations and how these regulations will be interpreted by the individuals responsible for reviewing your claim. Some applicants may be denied these crucial benefits even if their doctors have said they are disabled and unable to work. Below, we explain why this may sometimes happen.   Reason 1: There Was Not Enough Evidence The Social Security Administration (SSA) will require documented medical evidence of your disability and how it keeps you from working. For this reason, it is very important to have this conversation with your doctor. Give them as much information as possible about your disability and how it affects your inability to work. In fact, medical records documenting your disability will be…
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