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    How a Lawyer Can Help with Social Security Disability

    It’s possible to file for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits on your own.

    But it’s not easy. You must provide reams of forms and evidence. Most people get denied and need to file appeals.

    You’re already struggling with health impairments and job loss. You can go easy on yourself by working with a disability lawyer on your claim.


    And with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, you’ll rest easier knowing a skilled professional is taking care of your claim.

    The Tulsa disability lawyers at Troutman & Troutman are as dedicated to this mission as any lawyers you’ll find in Oklahoma:

    • Served Oklahomans for 30 years
    • Helped 10,000 people
    • A team of lawyers with 150 years of total experience

    And we only take disability cases. This is our focus all day, every day. We put your needs first, always.

    Anywhere in Oklahoma—Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bartlesville, Tahlequah, Muskogee and more—reach out to Troutman & Troutman.

    Disability Law Is All We Do.

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    Disability lawyers Gayle Troutman, Steve Troutman and Erin Stackenwalt stand in a park with downtown Tulsa behind them.

    Why Work with Troutman & Troutman Social Security Disability Lawyers?

    When you need disability benefits, this is a highly sensitive time in your life.

    Your health and personal finances are in a vulnerable state.

    You want a lawyer who treats your case as special, a disability lawyer with values of service, family and community.

    Serving Oklahomans in times of need was the reason we created Troutman & Troutman law firm.

    • Instead of splitting attention with other kinds of law, we only handle disability cases.
    • Our disability lawyers devote effort to staying on top of new developments in disability law.
    • Unlike some large national law firms, we give your case individual, personal attention.
    • We’re familiar with local Oklahoma Social Security offices and disability judges.
    • We use sophisticated systems to track your case and avoid mistakes.
    • You can get our help from your very first application for benefits. (Not every firm does that.)
    • You’ll work with an attorney, not just support staff members.
    • We don’t shy away from tough cases and denials of appeals.

    For the disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman, the part of our job we love most is seeing the relief in our clients’ eyes when they learn they’ve won disability benefits.

    After the setbacks you’ve suffered, let’s get started moving you toward a better future.

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    Standing by a window, a man folds his arms and smiles. Troutman & Troutman's Oklahoma disability lawyers answer questions about disability benefits every day.

    Disability Attorneys Answer Your Questions about Social Security

    Your life has been disrupted by health problems. You’ve had to leave work. You’re worried about money. Social Security Disability benefits can provide relief, but they’re complicated. You’ve got a lot of questions. The Troutman & Troutman Tulsa disability lawyers have answers.

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    “I am so thankful for the Troutman & Troutman team. They challenged the Social Security system and overturned my disability (denial). The best advice I can give: Don’t try to represent yourself. Call Troutman &Troutman. They will take care of you.”

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