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    Need Helping Figuring Out Why They Denied Your Disability Benefits?

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits could be just what you need to live a fuller life after the jarring loss of your good health and your ability to work and support yourself.

    But an overwhelming number of people (79%) get rejected on the first try.

    For most people, the right move after a denial of disability benefits is to appeal it. That’s when many claims finally get approved.

    One of your first steps is figuring out, “Why was my disability application denied?”

    The disability determination process requires you to prove you’re unable to work because of health problems. You could be denied because your circumstances don’t meet the complicated rules. Or because of shortcomings on your application itself.

    Honestly, it can take a lawyer to analyze your claim and determine what to fix.

    Oklahomans are fortunate to have disability lawyers who are focused on their needs: Troutman & Troutman in Tulsa.

    Our Social Security Disability attorneys have a combined 150 years of experience with cases like this—and a mission of service to Oklahoma workers and their families.

    Talk to us in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bartlevsille, Tahlequah, Muskogee and all Oklahoma communities.

    Disability Law Is All We Do.

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    Laptop open, paper in hand and teacup on the table, a woman talks on the phone. Problems with your application paperwork are major possible reasons your Social Security Disability application could be denied.

    Reasons for SSDI Denials: Flaws in Your Application

    Another big wrench in your disability claim occurs when your health and work situations may qualify, but the information you send Social Security has defects, such as:

    • Your application forms were incomplete. You must answer all the questions from Social Security completely and correctly.
    • You didn’t submit enough medical evidence. Social Security needs to see detailed records from your medical care.
    • You didn’t follow your doctor’s recommendations. Abiding by your doctor’s orders shows you take your health seriously, you’re putting in effort to manage it, and you would work if only you could. If you ignore treatment recommendations, Social Security may doubt that your condition troubles you enough to warrant benefits.
    • Social Security thinks you’re lying. You’ll be denied benefits if Social Security thinks you aren’t qualified but you’re trying to cheat the system to get money. You could be criminally prosecuted for fraud. So in all the materials you send Social Security, tell the truth.

    Sometimes the problem is the way you explain your situation.

    Don’t gloss over details about how your health problems restrict your daily life just to sound more positive, for example. Don’t go to a checkup and tell your doctor you feel OK just to be polite.

    But don’t exaggerate your struggles, either.

    Social Security Disability lawyers who’ve been through this process thousands of times know how to strike the right balance for your disability appeal. And you don’t pay a fee for an attorney unless you win.

    Let us handle the tricky parts of the disability determination process, so you can get financial relief and move on.

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    Shoes off and sitting back casually on her couch, a woman talks on the phone. Troutman & Troutman disability lawyers answer questions about disability benefits for Oklahomans every day.

    Disability Attorneys Answer Your Questions about Social Security

    Your life has been disrupted by health problems. You’ve had to leave work. You’re worried about money. Social Security Disability benefits can provide relief, but they’re complicated. You’ve got a lot of questions. The Troutman & Troutman Tulsa disability lawyers have answers.

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    “After the waiting and frustrating denials on my disability claim, I hired the firm of Troutman & Troutman. I was given clear, concise information and reasonable expectations. I was not disappointed. I quickly received an approval on my claim. I recommend this firm.

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