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    When You’re Finally Approved for Disability, Can You Get Retroactive Benefits?

    It usually takes a long time to win Social Security Disability benefits, months at least. That’s hard when your health has gotten worse, you can’t work, and you’re straining to pay your bills.

    But when you’re finally approved for benefits, Social Security has a way to compensate you for the wait: back pay. It’s a welcome dose of financial support.

    You’ll wait months for the answer to your Social Security Disability application. Then there’s a good chance you’ll be denied—most people are. You often can win benefits by appealing the denial, but that adds more months. The process can stretch into years.

    With Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits for workers sidelined by health problems, you may eventually get monthly disability checks, but also a lump sum in back pay recognizing that you qualified for benefits during all that time you were waiting.

    How do they make the back pay calculation?

    Read below for explanation from the Tulsa Social Security Disability lawyers at Troutman & Troutman. Our disability attorneys have a combined 150 years of experience helping thousands of people in Oklahoma, including Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bartlesville, Tahlequah and Muskogee.

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    Sitting on an examining table, a patient smiles at her doctor. You can fight a denial of back pay from Social Security Disability benefits, but be careful.

    Can I Make a Social Security Disability Back Pay Appeal

    You may get a back pay denial from Social Security. They’ll say your qualifying disability started sooner than you argued. That means lower retroactive benefits for you.

    You can file a back pay appeal. But make this decision carefully.

    This is what you’ll need for a back pay appeal:

    • Finding an Error Committed by Social Security: Social Security claims examiners can make simple mistakes like writing down a wrong date. It could be a good idea to correct this.
    • Sending More Medical Evidence: If the medical records in your file with Social Security aren’t clear about your disability onset date, you can submit more evidence from your doctors and medical treatment.

    The reason to proceed with care is that opening a back pay appeal could complicate your disability benefits claim—creating the risk you’ll lose benefits entirely.

    You want to be sure your reasons for appealing your back pay calculation are strong.

    Have the highly experienced Tulsa disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman take a look at it. We can advise you on your best options.


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    Disability Attorneys Answer Your Questions about Social Security

    Your life has been disrupted by health problems. You’ve had to leave work. You’re worried about money. Social Security Disability benefits can provide relief, but they’re complicated. You’ve got a lot of questions. The Troutman & Troutman Tulsa disability lawyers have answers.

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