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How Are Workers with Disabilities Faring in the Workplace?

Do you know how many people with disabilities are working full time in the United States of America? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys, around 5 percent of the full-time workforce is made up of people with disabilities. However, a new study suggests that this number could be off, and if that’s true, we may have much to learn about how workers with disabilities fair while on the job. How Many Workers with Disabilities Are There? A study by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) analyzed professionals in the U.S. and other countries to try to help employers find new ways to improve work performance. In the U.S. it surveyed 3,570 employees and asked an array of questions. Some were basic questions you could find on a Bureau of Labor Statistics study, but other questions were designed to tease out if an individual had a disability that they…
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How Do People with Disabilities Find Accessible Housing?

Living with a disability can make common everyday chores difficult, but there are ways to deal with these obstacles. Adaptive tools and furnishings around the house often make difficult living situations accessible. However, finding housing that accommodates people with disabilities can be difficult. This is why knowing where to turn can be a valuable resource. Is There Accessible Housing Available in Oklahoma? In Norman, there is an apartment complex called Cottonwood. Unlike other apartment buildings, this place is special for its attention to the needs of its residents. After teaming up with Thunderbird Clubhouse to help provide housing for people recovering from mental illness, one of the owners of Cottonwood decide to expand its housing for people with physical disabilities. This involved the renovation of seven units to meet the accessibility standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. So now, several residents have accessible features like zero-threshold showers, sink…
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Three Myths About Getting SSDI Approval

Recently, we discussed the Social Security Disability backlog, which has stretched to 1.1 million people long. This can make applying for Social Security disability seem like an impossible task, however, there are some details you need to know. There are myths about applying for disability benefits, and debunking them can help show you that SSDI approval is not a fairy tale. Busting Myths About Getting SSDI Approval Social Security Disability Denials Are Random– There are frequent denials in the first step applying for SSDI, but these denials are not random. For instance, two men who have similar back issues apply for disability. One is denied and yet the other’s benefits are approved in the beginning of the process. At first this seems random until you learn that the man whose benefits were denied was 41, while the other man was 59. There are factors that make finding alternative work easier…
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