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Could the OSDH Budget Scandal Affect People with Disabilities?

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) is supposed to help make Oklahomans healthier. This government office does so by investing in programs that help treat and prevent illnesses. That’s a big task for a state our size, but the department has always seemed to operate within the limits of its budget. Now, an OSDH budget scandal could shake the foundations of our state, and it could leave the health needs of people with disabilities unattended. Will the OSDH Budget Scandal Hurt People with Disabilities? On October 30th, mandatory furloughs were expected to start for employees at the OSDH. These furloughs were scheduled to last until June 2018 and up to 250 layoffs were also expected. This was due to a $10 million shortfall in the state agency that no one could quite account for, and due to that apparent mismanagement of funds, Terry Cline—the state’s health commissioner—resigned. Cline was…
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Five Questions You Have About Social Security Disability

Social Security disability is an important part of the system that helps Americans with disabilities support themselves when they can’t work. However, there is a long list of misconceptions and misinformation about the program. Well, the Tulsa disability attorneys here at Troutman & Troutman want to do our part in squashing some of these misguided notions. So, here are a few questions you may have about Social Security disability and the answers you need. Five Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Disability Are SSDI Benefits an Entitlement? Many people have the misconception that Social Security disability insurance is a type of welfare program, but this just isn’t true. SSDI is funded by employment taxes paid by you and every other hard-working American. So, if you have worked long enough, and your condition prevents you from working, then you will be qualified for benefits that you have been paying into for…
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Oklahomans with Disabilities Storm the Oklahoma State Capitol

Once again, our state is in a deep budget crisis that threatens health care for the most vulnerable Oklahomans. But the courageous spirit of the people who will be most affected by budget cuts refuses to be daunted. Thousands are turning up at the Capitol to try and convince lawmakers to come together and find a solution to this crisis, but more drains on the budget are shaking loose. Could Oklahomans with disabilities be on the brink of a health services nightmare? When Oklahomans with Disabilities Rise Up to Be Heard Tuesday, October 24th, the state Capitol was filled to capacity as 1,100 visitors—the maximum allowed according to fire code—came to save imperiled health services provided by the state. Outside the Capitol, hundreds stood in a line that circled the building. They too wanted their chance to convince lawmakers to balance the budget and save the health services so many…
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