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Are Disability Benefits Claimants Still Trying to Work?

When some people hear that a person is claiming Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they often assume that this claimant is just trying to get out of working. Our society is so work-obsessed that we often stigmatize those who do not have a job, and SSDI claimants sometimes fit into that category. That can lead to unfounded assumptions about disability benefits claimants, but the reality of these people’s lives is far more complex. Disability Benefits Claimants Fight to Work Too The Washington Post has been running stories about people who claim SSDI and SSI. This series has been running for over a year, and its purpose has been to educate the public about what it is really like to be on disability benefits. One of the interesting commonalities that the publication has discovered has been that many claimants still have a desire to work. In a recent article, The Washington…
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Will the Absence of Guidance Documents Hurt the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around for almost 30 years, and in that time, it has faced several tests in court. Some of these tests have led to what many have come to know as guidance documents. These documents help interpret the meaning of this law, but a new declaration from the U.S. Justice Department is removing these reference items. Does the ADA Need Guidance Documents? President Trump issued an executive order mandating that federal agencies find regulations that need to be repealed, replaced or modified. Following this mandate, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has identified 25 documents that are to be revoked. Some of these are guidance documents related to the ADA. The Attorney General believes that these documents are “improper or unnecessary” due to changing times, but not everyone agrees. The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities and the Collaboration to Promote Self Determination has released statements of…
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What Do Retirement Advisors Need to Know About Disability Benefits?

Do you have a retirement advisor? If not, you might need to consider getting one. Having such a financial advisor could prove useful to you down the line, but there’s something you need to know about them. When it comes to counselling people with disabilities, advisors of this sort may be a bit out of their depth. Can Retirement Advisors Help When It Comes to Disability Benefits? A retirement advisor was trying to help his client apply for Medicare at the age of 65 when he made a startling discovery. His client should have been on Social Security Disability Insurance for years before this application. That’s because the client had experienced a severe car crash that left him paralyzed over most of his body. Neither the advisor, the person who was paralyzed, nor that victim’s family thought about applying for benefits until it was practically too late. Now, there’s a…
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