Psychological Evaluations For Disability Benefits In Oklahoma

We Explain The Psychological Evaluation In Oklahoma For Disability Benefits

Psychological disorders can easily keep a person from being able to earn a living. For instance, a person with an intellectual disability may have cognitive issues that prevent them from obtaining or holding gainful employment. Fortunately, it is possible to obtain benefits for psychological conditions. Read below to learn more about the psychological evaluation in Oklahoma for disability benefits.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) must obtain evidence of your disability by contacting your physicians and obtaining medical records. If you do not have medical records that establish evidence of your disability, the SSA may require you to undergo a psychological evaluation. This evaluation, also called a consultative examination, will help the SSA determine the nature of your disability and how it affects your day-to-day life. You will not have to pay for the consultative examination.

The SSA may ask your treating physician to perform the consultative exam for disability benefits. However, the SSA may use independent doctors in certain situations. There are various aspects of your disability the physician may test and examine during the consultative examination. It would depend on the type of consultative examination.

There are four different types of mental exams a psychiatrist or physician could perform during a consultative examination. These include a psychological exam, a psychiatric exam, a mental status exam, and a memory scale exam. The doctor performs one of these exams during the consultative exam. Each exam is looking for different types of impairments, so which one is used depends on your medical history and needs. Psychological exams generally determine whether a person has a history of intellectual disability or other cognitive problems that could prevent gainful employment.

During a consultative exam for psychological disorders, the doctor performing the exam may look at your:

  • Proof of identity: The doctor performing the consultative exam will first establish your identity by using your claim number or proof of identity.
  • Prior records: The doctor will use any available medical records to determine the nature of your disability, such as symptoms that prevent you from obtaining employment. Your treatment history may also factor into the examination. Past hospitalizations and current or prior medications may be examined by the doctor.
  • Physical state: During the consultative exam, the doctor may conduct a physical examination. This may include noting any impairments with movement, how you arrived at the appointment, and other factors.
  • Mental state: Your mental state may also be examined during the consultative examination. The doctor may test eye contact, your mood, your communication abilities and your ability to concentrate on tasks.
  • IQ: For psychological examinations, you will need to take an IQ test and other cognitive tests.
  • Educational background: The doctor will ask you questions about your educational background, if there is one. There may also be questions about your work and social background.
  • Daily activities: Prepare to be asked questions about your day-to-day activities. The doctor will use this information as part of the overall analysis.

If you told the SSA that you are suffering from symptoms caused by a psychiatric disorder, such a mood disorder, then you may have to take a psychiatric evaluation. In this case, a psychiatrist conducts the consultative examination instead of a psychologist.

What Happens After A Psychological Evaluation For Disability Benefits?

Depending on the outcome of the consultative examination, the doctor may provide a diagnosis, prognosis and recommended treatment. The doctor who gave the examination will provide the SSA with a report on your condition. Disability examiners may look at factors that include the severity and extent of your disorder, your ability to perform work tasks, your ability to properly manage money, your IQ test results, and an assessment of your limitations. If the SSA determines that further testing is necessary, then you may have to take more tests before you are cleared to obtain disability benefits.

The evidence obtained from the exam could be an extremely important factor in determining whether you will receive benefits.

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