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Social Security FAQs
Answered by Tulsa Social Security Disability Attorneys


How do I apply? [click here]
You can apply online or in person, but sometimes people make errors in applying that delay their case. The easiest way to apply is to call us.
Can I qualify for disability if I’m working? [click here]
There are some exceptions and limitations, but in most circumstances the answer is no. If you are able to work, Social Security considers you to not be disabled.
Do I need an attorney? [click here]
Yes. Social Security’s own statistics show that a person is more likely to get disability benefits with an attorney than without one.
How long will it take to be approved? [click here]
It can be anywhere from a few months to 2 years, depending on the disabling condition and the available medical records. Appeals to federal court take longer.
If I get disability, will I be allowed to work? [click here]
Yes, but the rules are complicated. Get legal advice concerning any work activity.
What is the attorney fee? [click here]
There is no fee unless we win. If you are granted benefits, our fee is generally 25% of your past due benefits.

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