Will Republicans Sue Over Social Security Constitutionality?

According to The Hill, Vice President Biden suggested that the House Republicans may try to challenge Social Security reform in court in the same manner it was done with healthcare reform. The vice president suggested that the GOP would wage a challenge to Social Security’s constitutionality over the program requirement that all taxpayers participate.

Republican attorneys have filed several lawsuits against the new healthcare reform law, alleging the requirement within the law that all consumers purchase insurance is not constitutional. Tom Corbett is one Republican lawmaker waging war in the court over healthcare reform, and Biden suggest he might do the same for Social Security.

The House Republicans wish to see the Social Security program as a personal investment account, a privatized process where taxpayers invest and yield earnings from its interest.

The recent budget standoffs between Republicans and Democrats ended in a two week peace treaty. However, the two sides are due to hash out reform and budget cuts, one of the biggest worries is how cutting funding from Social Security Administration will affect the agency’s ability to function and process disability claims in a timely manner.

The White House dispatched Vice President Biden to Capitol Hill to engage in negotiations over fiscal policy. Entitlement reform is a big issue on the table. The question is how reckless would it be for a government to shutdown, since so many Americans depend on benefits such as Social Security disability payments. The Democrats may not necessarily have their own proposal on entitlement reform, but Republicans have said they will attempt to reform Social Security.

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