How Will New Rules Impact Social Security Disability Benefits?

In late March, WISH-TV reported on changes to Social Security disability benefits that have taken effect recently. The new rules will impact the relationship between disability claimants, their treating physician and the Social Security Administration.

How Will Disability Benefits Change Under the New Rules?

Per the WISH-TV report, under the new Social Security regulations, the treating-physician rule will be eliminated. This means that a doctor’s report about Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) applicants’ injury status no longer carries as much weight in deciding whether they should receive disability payments. With their doctor’s support meaning less, it will be harder for first time SSDI applicants to prove their disability claim.

How Does the SSDI Application Process Work?

For most people, when they apply for Social Security income (SSI) or Social Security disability insurance, it is their first time. In such cases, claimants can find themselves overwhelmed and confused, which can easily result in them making a mistake that causes their claim to be denied. Therefore, having an experienced disability lawyer guiding them through the process can make a huge difference as to whether their application or appeal is successful.

In the video below, Tulsa disability attorney Erin Stackenwalt explains how the SSDI application and appeals process works.

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