How Will Law Changes Impact Social Security Spousal Benefits?

A federal budget bill has eliminated loopholes that completely change how Social Security spousal benefits work. A couple of the changes involve a process known as deemed filing.

What Is Deemed Filing?

Prior to the law changes, if those eligible for Social Security spousal benefits and retirement benefits were not full retirement age, they were required to apply for both and would receive whichever one offered the higher payout. This process was called deemed filing, because applicants were “deemed” to have applied for both Social Security retirement and spousal benefits.

How Have Social Security Spousal Benefits Changed?

Under the new law, deemed filing is no longer an option. In addition, married individuals can no longer apply for Social Security at full retirement age or older and then suspend their retirement benefits so that their spouse can collect spousal benefits. The new rules do not allow you to collect a spousal payment and a retirement payment at different points in time.

Have New Laws Changed How Social Security Disability Insurance Works?

We recently covered how law changes have impacted Social Security disability insurance in a blog post. To learn more about SSDI, including what to do if your Social Security disability benefits are denied, watch the video below and keep following our blog.

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