Why Would the Social Security Administration Reject My Disability Application?

Did you know that almost two-thirds of all Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications are rejected? social security claim denied

There are many factors as to why an SSDI application would be denied, including staff reductions at Social Security Administration (SSA) offices, changes in political ideologies among legislators and the type of disability that you have.

Recently, the financial site Motley Fool published an article about why people are denied SSDI. Among the news outlet’s findings were that the SSA has seen a spike in applications while employee resources are down, resulting in lengthier delays.

SSDI applications have more than doubled since 1999, from about 1.25 million each year to close to 3 million. While the surge in applications has leveled off recently, the number of claims being accepted has declined, with more than 50 percent of applications accepted in 1999 to just over 30 percent in 2013.

The website reported that technical errors on applications by people, such as the failure to submit information, or insufficient explanations of a disability, often result in SSDI denials. Remember, to qualify for SSDI, you must show that you can no longer work. It is up to you to establish that you are incapable of performing tasks.

You should also keep in mind that the SSA may require medical and work records—counting on the agency to obtain those records is a way to slow down your claim. This is why it is important to work with an attorney if you are applying for SSDI or in the appeals process.

How Can a Social Security Attorney Help Me?

Our attorneys are experts in Social Security law—it is all we do. If you believe you may qualify for disability benefits, contact our office, so that we can help walk you through the evaluation and application process. Let us take the stress out of this procedure.

Remember, a mistake on an application can result in a lengthy delay when it comes to collecting benefits. Do not let this happen to you. If you suffer from a disability that leaves you unable to work, we can help your case move forward.

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