Why Should I Talk to a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

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If you were recently diagnosed with a medical problem that could temporarily or permanently stop you from working, you are probably wondering if you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Whether you haven’t started the process at all, or you are in the middle of your application, speaking with a Social Security attorney is always a good idea.

Why Would Speaking with a Disability Attorney Benefit Me?

  1. Your application is more likely to be approved. The majority of disability claims are denied, often due to insufficient proof of medical records and evidence. There are also tight and specific deadlines that need to be met while applying. Your attorney will serve as your advocate through the application process. In addition, your attorney will keep you informed of what evidence you need and when paperwork needs to be submitted.
  2. Your information is confidential. Working with a legal professional throughout your application process will ensure that all of your personal identifying and medical information is completely confidential and just between you and your lawyer.
  3. Attorneys know the SSA language. While it might be difficult for you to understand all of the different terms relating to Social Security, your attorney knows the language well and can communicate on your behalf.
  4. Your appeals application is more likely to be approved. If your case needs to go through the appeals process after a denial notice, your attorney can help you prepare and inform you of what to expect. Your attorney can also pick and prepare witnesses if needed, as well as collect medical evidence and physician’s opinions. During your appeals hearing, your attorney can raise important questions about your case.

Call Our Tulsa Social Security Disability Attorneys to File a Claim in Oklahoma

You could speak with one of us if you are interested in filing a disability claim. We can help you navigate the application and appeals process. Contact us at Troutman & Troutman, P.C. today for a consultation, free of charge.

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