Wheelchair User Settles ADA Compliance Lawsuit against Connecticut XL Center

In the spring of 2009, musician Bruce Springsteen held a concert at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Formerly known as the Hartford Civic Center, the multi-purpose arena and convention center can hold roughly 16,000 patrons at any given time as well as provide a great venue for both entertainment and athletic events. Well, a great venue if you do not have a disability.

Michelle Duprey found this out firsthand when she arrived to hear “The Boss” play on April 24, 2009. Instead of being entertained, Duprey was frustrated with the XL Center’s lack of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which included her limited ability to see the concert, the center’s failure to provide adequate restroom facilities and more.

The Hartford Courant reported that Duprey uses a wheelchair for mobility, and she felt that the XL Center failed in many aspects to be fully accessible for individuals with disabilities. Following the Bruce Springsteen concert, Duprey filed a complaint against the center as well as its operators, which prompted the U.S. Attorney’s Office to investigate the ADA issues at the venue. As a response to the investigation and settlement agreement, the XL Center has begun to make the necessary changes needed to serve its patrons with disabilities.

Some of the modifications the facility owners and operators have made to the center include improving signage to show individuals with disabilities which passageways are accessible, modifying restrooms fixtures to include automatic flushes and faucets in addition to installing an assisted listening system.

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Troutman Touts: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects the civil rights and ensures equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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