What is the Average Wait for an SSDI Decision?

Recently, Senate Joint Economic Committee Chairman Dan Coats stated that the average wait for a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) decision was too long and hurting applicants.social security approval

According to Financial Advisor, the average wait for an SSDI decision is 114 days. In addition, appealing an SSDI decision takes even longer, averaging 480 days. This lengthy of a wait caused by the SSDI backlog often leaves people who physically cannot work at risk of not receiving the medical care they need and not being able to cover their basic living expenses. In the Financial Advisor report, Senator Coats also mentions that delays are hurting taxpayers because of alleged overpayments to beneficiaries, a claim which a Washington Post article we blogged about recently refutes.

How Can an SSDI Lawyer Help Applicants Receive Benefits?

As we tell our clients and potential clients, SSDI benefits approval can take as little as a few months to as long as two years. Generally, it depends on the type of disability in question and the availability of an applicant’s medical records. In addition, if an appeal becomes necessary, the process can take even longer. Along with the wait, the SSDI process can be difficult overall.

In all likelihood, an average person will only file a disability claim once. Our Tulsa Social Security disability lawyers work within the SSDI system on a daily basis. We can help our clients understand:

  • Whether they are eligible for SSDI benefits
  • How long the SSDI process will take in their specific situation
  • If they are allowed to work both during the application process and if they are approved for benefits
  • How to apply for SSDI

Our firm only practices disability law; it is our passion. We offer free disability claim reviews and you do not pay us attorney fees if we do not win your claim, meaning there is no risk in calling our disability law firm in Tulsa today.

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