What If Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Denied?

According to EmpowHER, it is important to appeal rather than give up if your Social Security Disability Insurance claim is denied. If you are approved for SSDI, chances are that you will be eligible for back pay and possibly retroactive payments also, depending on several factors including when you applied and what your established date of onset. Keep in mind that retroactive benefits may be applicable, your medical evidence must support the fact that you were disabled that for that time period.

Also, if your application is denied, look into hiring a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer. Many initial claimants receive a denial at the initial stage of applying for social security disability benefits. Getting a representative will help you get to the bottom of the denial reason and fix any mistakes made in the application process.

Start keeping a journal of all of your detailed activities or inability to perform a certain activity that you were able to do before becoming disabled. A journal of your thoughts is a good way to show how a disability has impacted your life or caused you to be unable to enjoy little things in life. Do you have symptoms from your disability? Write those down as well to show how symptoms such as chronic pain, dizziness or frequent bathroom use is impacting your life each day.

In order to qualify, the Social Security Administration will look for a list of impairments, conditions considered so severe that they automatically mean you are disabled as defined by law. A detailed medical history and records of hospital stays or doctors’ visits can help to show impairment and improve your chances of winning a Social Security Disability Insurance appeal.

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