What A Disability Attorney Can Do For You

Many people who suffer from a disability or condition that prevents them from working may consider applying for disability benefits. These individuals may believe that their situations are simple enough that they can handle the application process on their own, without the assistance of an attorney. However, an experienced lawyer can help you navigate each step of the process and present the most effective argument to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

  • Social Security laws and the disability evaluation can be incredibly complex. Chances are this is your first time going through the application process. Attorneys have dealt with the SSA many times and have insight into how it might affect each individual’s claim.
  • Some injuries or conditions may be harder to prove than others. Mental and psychological issues resulting from traumatic brain injuries may prevent you from holding employment, but it might be more difficult to prove this to the SSA than a purely physical disability. A Social Security attorney can help you make the best argument possible.
  • Filling out an application for disability benefits may seem simple, but a successful applicant should include an exhaustive, detailed account of one’s situation and the steps he or she has taken to address it before applying for benefits. An attorney will ensure that the SSA has all the information it needs to fully understand your claim.

On Wednesday we will discuss some of the most common mistakes applicants can make on their benefits applications. If you have questions about your application, contact a Tulsa Social Security disability benefits attorney to discuss your options. We offer free consultations and can be reached by phone at (918) 587-0050.

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