Westfield Couple Receives Probation Over Social Security Benefits Case

Allene Spearbeck and her husband, Harold Spearbeck, of Westfield, New York, received convictions of theft of government property for ill-gotten Social Security benefits. According to court documents, the couple will receive five years’ probation and make restitution of $120,000.

The Westfield couple received $119,990 in Social Security disability benefits and veteran’s benefits. The complaint alleges the couple was not entitled to such benefits.

Between November 2004 and March 2009, Harold Spearbeck worked as a truck driver for DTL Inc. Spearbeck collected disability benefits from Social Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs despite having full employment.

Allene Spearbeck worked in the office for DTL. In order to avoid a reduction in Harold Spearbeck’s disability benefit payments, according to the complaint, the couple used Allene’s social security number for tax purposes. This action allowed Spearbeck to receive $119,990 in benefits to which he was not entitled.

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