Ways to Help Your Social Security Disability Claim

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a long process filled with paperwork. The Social Security Administration reviews each claim and collects supporting evidence. There are a few things you can do to help collect supporting evidence.

The SSA seeks past and future records that relate to your medical condition and disability claim. It is important to keep a list of all doctor and hospital visits, as well as any other medical services obtained. Such a list makes it easier to obtain medical records. A claim is sometimes denied based on lack of medical evidence or supporting documentation, even though an individual has a severe enough medical condition to qualify for benefits. You can provide copies of any medical records in your possession as well.

Another important part of a Social Security disability claim is receiving and responding to official notices from the SSA. Some communication requires a response within a designated period. Do not jeopardize your disability claim by responding late. Responding promptly helps the disability evaluation and benefit determination process proceed without unnecessary delays.

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