Wait Time for Disability Benefits Not Likely to Improve Soon

Already lengthy wait times to receive Social Security benefits may be getting worse. As more disabled people turn to disability benefits like Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) and Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) during the tough economic times, the government has been unable to reduce waiting times for applicants, which is already one of the biggest complaints. Disabled workers may wish to speak to a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney about the disability benefits process.

There are currently more than 728,000 Americans waiting on Social Security disability appeals, which is 5 percent more than amount last year. The recent study of disability applicant data came out of Syracuse University, and the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) Commissioner Michael Astrue could not provide any better news for applicants. He told reporters he was uncertain as to whether the agency would meet its goal of reducing wait times from 367 to 270 days.

Budget cuts have forced the SSA to cancel the opening of eight new disability benefits hearing offices, which would have lessened the workload of others. While improved efficiency seems to reduce the waiting time for some, in many instances, the large increase in the number of applicants has offset the efficiency improvements. A Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer is available for those interested in applying for Social Security disability benefits under SSDI or SSI.

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