What Should I Bring For A Meeting With An SSDI Lawyer?

Tulsa Disability Attorney Explains Your Best Chances At Getting Your Claim Approved

What is the biggest driving force to be approved for disability benefits? In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Charles Holladay explains how to prepare for your initial evaluation with our law firm and how this preparation can help translate into a victory in your disability claim. No one should be denied disability because of his or her finances.

Video Transcription

I would say when people come in to meet for an initial interview, or even for a hearing prep getting close to the hearing, they need to bring a good sense of memory and storytelling about just how their disability has affected them, because that’s going to be the biggest driving force in getting approved is just being able to convey just exactly what impairments are really making it difficult or impossible to work and how can they express that in a very candid way to a judge, if necessary.

Our initial evaluations are absolutely free. We love to analyze peoples’ cases and see if there’s something we can help them with. That will not cost them a dime.

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