What Is SSI, Or Supplemental Security Income?

Oklahoma Disability Lawyer Explains SSI Benefits

Low-income people with disabilities can file for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI if they have little to no assets and income. In this video, Tulsa SSI attorney Steve Troutman explains SSI, the limits on when people with disabilities can receive SSI, and how strict these limits can be.

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Video Transcription

The SSI is welfare for people who are indigent or disabled and have not paid enough into the Social Security system. And what I mean by indigent is yet to show Social Security not only that you’re disabled but that you have very low assets and income. All it takes is $2,000 in assets to disqualify a person for SSI. So if a person let’s say is receiving SSI and now they get an inheritance from their parent, $5,000 inheritance, their SSI is going to be terminated until they spend down the $5,000 inheritance before they start getting the SSI. So the SSI is, any assets at all will cause that SSI to cease. One of the saddest parts about it is it really keeps a person from being responsible and frugal. If a person’s an SSI recipient and they really save their pennies and they do a good job of building up a savings account, once the savings account gets over $2000 their SSI is terminated until they spend it down. I had a person one time who I got approved for SSI and her SSI benefits were denied solely because she inherited a harp from a grandmother and the harp was worth some money. She didn’t want to sell the harp, it was her grandmother’s, but Social Security made her sell the harp and spend the money down before they would pay her SSI.

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