Qualifying For Oklahoma Disability Over 50

Tulsa Social Security Disability Lawyers For SSI And SSDI Benefits

In this video, our Tulsa Social Security disability lawyers explain how different rules apply to individuals filing for disability over 50 in Oklahoma. These special rules can help our Social Security attorneys obtain the benefits you worked hard to earn if you can no longer work and are now filing for disability over 50.

Our husband and wife team of Social Security attorneys have assisted hundreds in and around Tulsa to secure the SSI and SSDI benefits they deserve. Learn how we may be able to help you when you call for a free Social Security claim evaluation about your ability to file for disability over 50.

Video Transcription

We help adults of all ages get Social Security disability benefits when they can’t work. If you’re over 50, special rules can help us get you benefits. At Troutman & Troutman, we enjoy helping people who have worked so hard, for so long. No matter your age, we’d like to help. Disability law is all we do. Troutman & Troutman, 1 (888) 910-1212.