How Much Money Can I Earn On Social Security Disability Benefits? Oklahoma Disability Attorney

Tulsa SSDI Lawyer Explains Average Benefits For Disability

A pervasive and damaging misperception of disability applicants and recipients is that they are only seeking or receiving benefits because they want free money and do not want to work. This could not be further from the truth. Disability benefits are only enough for a person who is unable to work to meet their basic reasonable needs; no one is living the life of luxury with disability benefits. In this video, Tulsa disability lawyer Steve Troutman explains how much money SSDI and SSI recipients receive and what the money covers. Our law firm offers free evaluations of your case for people thinking of applying for disability, as well as those who have applied and been denied.

Video Transcription

One of the biggest misconceptions I think out among a lot of people is that these people who are on disability are living a life of ease. The average disability benefit today is right around $1,100 a month. Not too many people live the high life on $1,100 a month. If you think about it, most people pay close to that in rent. With SSI recipients, it’s a little over $700. Even for the person who’s paid a lot of money into the system, the person who may be made $150, $200,000 a year so they paid the maximum into the Social Security system, their disability benefits aren’t even gonna be $3,000 a month. So it’s, this is not something you get rich off. To have a free evaluation of your disability claim, call us at (918) 587-0050 or visit us at