How Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Or Other Income Affect My Eligibility For SSI Or SSDI?

Your Benefits May Be Reduced Or Denied If You Receive Other Income Such As Workers’ Comp

Social Security Disability benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) can be affected if an applicant or recipient receives financial aid from other sources, such as workers’ compensation. In this video, Tulsa, Oklahoma disability lawyer Erin Stackenwalt explains how workers’ comp can affect your disability benefits.

If you are thinking of applying for disability or have applied and been denied, speaking to a disability attorney about your case presents your best chance of receiving the benefits you deserve. As far as affordability, disability attorneys are among the most inexpensive types of lawyers. Upon success in your Oklahoma disability case, you will either owe your attorney 25 percent of your back benefits or $6,000 – whichever amount is less. To reach our law firm, call us at (918) 265-1404 or fill out an online form.

Video Transcription

SSI, Supplemental Security Income, is income and resource-based, so if a person has other income sources, if a person has other resources, it may disqualify them from a financial standpoint. Even if they meet the disability criteria, the medical criteria of disability, they would be otherwise disqualified based on income and resources. With regard to workers’ compensation, for instance, workers’ compensation can offset the amount of your monthly Social Security benefit and it’s based on the amount of money that you made before your workers’ comp injury. It’s based on the amount of your temporary total disability or that weekly check that you would get from the workers and based on all of these factors, there may be an offset. Sometimes, there’s no cost at all, sometimes there is a very significant one.

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