Get The Disability Benefits You Deserve

Tulsa disability lawyer Steve Troutman explains how to get the Social Security Disability benefits you deserve. For more information and a free evaluation of your claim, contact the Tulsa disability attorneys at Troutman & Troutman, P.C. Disability is all we do – call today at (918) 265-1404.

Video Transcription

If you can’t work, here’s attorney Steve Troutman talking about Social Security Disability. Some people think to be considered disabled you have to be in a wheelchair, but every day we help people with medical problems win the disability benefits they deserve: back and joint paint, lung disease, HIV, diabetes, PTSD, depression and more. I’m Steve Troutman. If your health prevents you from working, don’t go it alone. Whether you need to apply, go to a hearing or appeal to federal court, we’d like to help. It’s a free call to Troutman & Troutman. 1 (888) 910-1212. We help people throughout Oklahoma win Social Security Disability benefits. Disability law is all we do. Call Troutman & Troutman toll free 1 (888) 910-1212 for a free evaluation of your claim. 1 (888) 910-1212.