Experienced Oklahoma Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Fight For Your Benefits

Tulsa SSDI Attorney Explains His Work History And Education

When looking for a disability attorney to help with your Social Security Disability Insurance application or appeal, it is essential to have an attorney who has experience understanding medical records to help prove your case to the Social Security Administration. In this video, Tulsa Social Security Disability attorney Darren Rackley explains his history of legal practice, his educational background, and what skills he learned that make him uniquely able to help people with disabilities receive the SSDI or SSI benefits that they deserve. Our law firm offers free initial evaluations for SSDI applicants as well as those who have applied and been denied. We do not charge any legal fees from our clients unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for them.

Video Transcription

I am a native of Oklahoma and I was born and raised here. I want to see my family raised here and all of our extended family is here and I have no plans to leave. Well, I did my undergraduate at OU, University of Oklahoma, and then I got married before law school so I went to TU Law School at night while working during the day. I practiced insurance defense for four years when I got out of law school and then came here. I did a little bit of appeals work when I was doing that and that definitely helped me. One other thing that did help was in the insurance defense I really learned how to review medical records closely. That obviously is very important for this type of work. To have a free evaluation of your disability claim, call us at (918) 587-0050 or visit us at TroutmanLaw.com.