Can I Lose My SSDI Benefits If I Get Better?

Tulsa Disability Attorney On Continuing SSDI Benefits

The Social Security Administration has a specific definition of disability with many factors that determine your benefits. In this video, Oklahoma SSDI attorney Steve Troutman explains continuing SSDI benefits and what might cause the SSA to cease its benefits.

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Video Transcription

Social Security doesn’t have anything that they refer to as temporary disability or permanent disability. They just have disability. They determine whether you’re currently disabled or not. Therefore, if someone is determined to be disabled, people often ask me, “Am I going to be disabled until I’m 65?” and the answer is no. You’re disabled now.

A continuing disability review is essentially Social Security reviewing every few years whether or not they think you’re still disabled. For many cases, it’s every three years, could be every four years, just depends on the circumstances how often they decide to do it. Social Security begins a continuing disability review by contacting the person and asking them what doctor they’ve been going to, their current treatment, what their conditions like, has it improved, is it about the same, could be a mental problem, could be a physical problem, they essentially update the records. If Social Security believes the person has medically improved, they may terminate the person’s benefits and say we don’t think you’re disabled anymore. And that happens. And if a person gets a notice in the mail, Social Security will say we ceased your benefits as of a certain date because we think you’re no longer disabled. If that person disagrees with that, then they can appeal that just like any other Social Security decision. They can come and see us and we help them with those appeals.

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