Are Veteran Disability Claims Different Than SSDI?

Tulsa Disability Lawyer Explains How Veterans May Be Eligible For Both

Veterans have several options when applying for disability, and veterans' disability compensation works a bit differently than Social Security Disability. In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Steve Troutman explains those differences. Even if you are receiving veterans' disability compensation, you could still be eligible for SSDI benefits. In fact, depending on your VA disability ranking, you may actually have a realistic chance of obtaining concurrent SSDI benefits.

Video Transcription

A lot of the veterans that we have either applied to or been approved or are in the process of applying for veterans disability as well. We don’t do veteran’s disabilities ourselves, we focus solely on Social Security Disability, but many of the veterans have applied for veterans disability. The disability rules are quite different. They use percentages for, somebody can be 10 percent disabled or 90 percent disabled. Social Security doesn’t use any percentages like that. There are also completely different rules as far as work activity and how that affects veterans' disability. Veterans, for example, can work and still receive disability. Social Security Disability beneficiaries can’t work, at least not at substantial gainful activities, so the rules are quite different but we help a lot of veterans.

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