Why Disability Law? Tulsa Disability Lawyer Loves Helping People Get The Benefits They Deserve

Gayle Troutman is an Oklahoma Social Security Disability lawyer at the Tulsa disability law firm of Troutman & Troutman, P.C., where she leads the disability appeals process in federal courts. Having more than 20 years of disability law experience, she has had the privilege of helping numerous clients receive the Social Security benefits they deserve after successful disability claim appeals. Both she and the team of disability attorneys at our firm realize that to the client, Social Security benefits are their livelihoods. Our disability lawyers in Oklahoma are here to help. Schedule a free evaluation of your case with an Oklahoma Social Security Disability attorney at our firm today.

Video Transcription

I’m Gayle Troutman, and I’ve been practicing law since 1993. I’ve done Social Security Disability work ever since I got out of law school, and all I do is federal court appellate work. I love what I do. A lot of lawyers don’t like being lawyers, but I really love what I do. Part of it is I get to help people that really are in deep trouble, and because I do federal court work—It’s a little different than most federal court work. This isn’t a situation where you have one rich person suing another rich person; what you have is a person who for this case it is food on their table, and their rent and their medical bills. It’s their life.

We’re not asking for a big amount. We’re asking for what they’re entitled to from having paid in all the time, years they worked. They’re dealing with the government. Once the government gets sideways against you, it’s very difficult. For more information or if you have any questions, just go to our website at TroutmanLaw.com.