Tulsa Social Security Attorney Steve Troutman – Oklahoma Family Dedicated To Disability Law

Tulsa Social Security attorney Steve Troutman of the Oklahoma disability law firm of Troutman & Troutman, P.C. talks about how our team of Tulsa disability lawyers has become a family. Although not all of the employees are related, their dedication to disability law and their passion for helping clients needing to file for Social Security benefits or appeal a disability claim denial has created an environment that makes you feel at home. For a free evaluation of your case, contact a Tulsa disability lawyer at our law firm today.

Video Transcription

I’m Steve Troutman. I’m one of the owners, along with my wife, of Troutman & Troutman. She’s been doing this for over 20 years. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years. Before I became an attorney, I was an electrical engineer. My undergraduate degree, I was in engineering management jobs for a number of years. My wife went to law school and became an attorney, and later I decided that I wanted to do the same. That’s one of the best career moves I ever made. As a second career, I was in my 40s, I went to law school and graduated in ‘99 and been doing this ever since. I love it.

It is very much a family business. Of course, all of our employees, we treat them like family. We feel like they’re family, but there are some employees here who are actually family members. At Troutman & Troutman, disability law is all we do. For more information, or to speak with a disability attorney, go to TroutmanLaw.com.