Tulsa, OK Disability Lawyer That Cares about Your SSDI or SSI Benefits

Ask an Attorney Why She Loves Working With Disability Applicants

What is it that makes Tulsa disability attorney Gayle Troutman love her job? The best thing about being a disability lawyer is the clients. Often, people with disabilities seeking disability benefits have been told no so many times that it can be incredibly discouraging, and turning that situation around can be extremely rewarding. In this video, Gayle Troutman explains the non-adversarial nature of disability law. Our law firm serves SSDI applicants in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as surrounding areas.

Video Transcription

I just feel like that I’m really helping somebody who really is now desperate because by the time they get to me, they’ve been called a liar so many times. They’re deeply discouraged and the government keeps telling them no, no, no. It’s nice for them to have the court say yes. So I enjoy it a lot, and it’s as non-adversarial as it gets. The attorney on the other side, the government attorneys, but they’re easy to work with and their goal is essentially the same as ours. We give benefits to the people to whom they’re entitled. We may differ on who is entitled, but we’re not differing in our goal. I enjoy that. It’s not this real negative experience that a lot of people have when they’re dealing with court work. To have a free evaluation of your disability claim, call us at (918) 587-0050 or visit us at TroutmanLaw.com.