Our Attorney Reviews Why He Likes Practicing Disability Law

Tulsa SSDI Lawyer on the Importance of Helping People

Why do you practice disability law? In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Charles Holladay touches on his history in commercial real estate and the need for something more meaningful that led to his becoming a Social Security Disability attorney. You have nothing to lose by calling a disability attorney. We operate on a contingency fee basis and offer free initial evaluations, meaning that from the moment you meet us until the end of your case, you will not owe us anything. If we are successful in obtaining SSDI or SSI benefits for you, you will only owe us attorney fees of $6,000 or 25 percent of your back benefits, whichever is less.

Video Transcription

I had a practice involved working commercial real estate and buying multimillion dollar pieces of property and trying to figure out how to develop them and then selling them for more than we spent for them and making a pretty good profit for it. Really it was just making rich people richer, and coming over and doing this kind of practice, helping regular folks that really are in dire straits, they’re really just one bill away or one phone call away from just losing everything. And it’s been incredibly rewarding to help these people try and get them back on their feet, financially and avoid things going even worse for them than what already has. It’s very touching on the heartstrings hearing some of these people’s stories. When we get some benefits for a client and it means so much to them, having them call us in tears telling us thank you. It just means more than any multimillion dollar transaction I was ever involved in. To have a free evaluation of your disability claim, call us at (918) 265-1404 or visit us at TroutmanLaw.com.