How Was The Disability Law Firm Troutman & Troutman Started?

Tulsa Disability Attorney On Origins And Client Focus

Our family disability law firm has always been a very tight knit group and includes many members of the Troutman family. In this video, Oklahoma disability lawyer Steve Troutman explains what drew him to the field of disability law and how our close ties to one another can help benefit your disability case from step one of the sequential evaluation up through appeals, if necessary.

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Video Transcription

My wife is the person who started Troutman and Troutman. Her first name is Gayle. The original name of the firm was Gayle L Troutman, P.C. She started the firm in 1993, that’s when she graduated from law school. At the time, I was actually an engineer in a management job and later decided to go to law school myself and join her, which I did in 1999, and that’s when we formed Troutman & Troutman.

It is very much a family business. Of course, all of our employees, we treat them like family, we feel like they’re family, but there are some employees here who are actually family members. My daughter works here, my son works here, my daughter-in-law works here, one of my cousins works here, she’s one of the other attorneys in the office. So out of the five attorneys that we have, three of us are related.

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