Why Do I Need An Attorney For A Disability Claim In Tulsa?

Oklahoma SSDI Lawyer Explains Benefits Of Legal Help When Filing For Disability

Social Security Disability law is ever-changing and highly complex, so filing for disability without the assistance of an SSDI attorney is not advised. The paperwork a person must fill out should be correct from the very beginning because the original claim will be part of the file forever. Any mistakes made in the original paperwork may harm a case if it is denied and an appeal is necessary. In this video, Tulsa disability attorney Steve Troutman explains how the Social Security Administration changes and revises the rules for applying for disability and how a lawyer can help your claim.

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Video Transcription

The law regarding Social Security Disability changes constantly. And the reason it changes constantly is because the Social Security Administration has the prerogative of changing the rules. They do it all the time. And other settings I’ve talked about, listings where they periodically change the listings. They periodically change the rules for other things as far as what conditions they’re going to consider and severe conditions. They’ve got types of conditions that they sort of fast track through the system, and they change those all the time. And they can change a myriad of things and they do it all the time. And it’s really just through the administrative process that they do that.

Social Security Disability is a very complicated area of the law. I had a lawyer that came to work for us one time, and she’d been here about a year and she told me this is the most complicated area of the law she’d ever known, and it seems simple to some people on its surface. It’s actually quite complex and that’s why people need a lawyer to help them through the changes in the system or those minute details that make the difference between winning and losing a case.

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