What Does A Disability Lawyer Do? Oklahoma Social Security Claims

At the Tulsa disability law firm of Troutman & Troutman, P.C., helping individuals with their Social Security claims is our passion. One issue our disability attorneys regularly handle is helping people prove their disabilities and eligibility for Social Security benefits. If our clients are denied, we have the resources to file disability claim appeals on their behalf. Having to prove your disability to the Social Security Administration can be stressful, but our Oklahoma disability lawyers are committed to gaining the benefits our clients deserve. To discuss your situation with one of our Social Security lawyers in Tulsa, schedule a free claim evaluation.

Video Transcription

At Troutman & Troutman, disability law is all we do. About two-thirds of our business is comprised of clients who we’re trying to convince Social Security they’re disabled. We do a little bit of ERISA law, which is disability law with private insurance companies where someone has a disability policy with their employer. We do a little bit of those, but that’s probably less than half a percent of our business.

The rest, the 99.5% of our business, is Social Security Disability. We do work for people who are applying for Social Security Disability and are trying to convince the Social Security Administration that they’re disabled. In addition to that, a lot of cases are referred to us from other attorneys who have been unsuccessful at convincing Social Security that someone is disabled and they want us to appeal their case to federal court.

We essentially have two halves of the business: One side of our business is to try to convince the Social Security Administration that our clients are disabled. The other side of the business is to appeal cases for either our firm or other firms where they’ve been unsuccessful and we’re filing lawsuits in federal court. For more information or to speak with a disability attorney, go to TroutmanLaw.com.