How Do I Prepare For A Disability Hearing?

Tulsa SSDI Lawyer Walks You Through Disability Process

Many disability applicants are unaware of what the process of a disability hearing is like. Fortunately, that is what disability attorneys are for – to help walk you through the process and make it as simple and painless as possible. In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Erin Stackenwalt explains the process starting with the hiring of a disability lawyer all the way through potential appeals. No one should be denied disability benefits due to a lack of finances. That is why our law firm offers free evaluations of your case and operates on a contingency fee basis; you only pay us if we win your case.

Video Transcription

Once you’ve hired Troutman & Troutman, we can do most of our correspondence either through telephone or through the mail. We do ask that you come in person to meet us before the hearing. We like to be able to talk to you in person to tell you about all of the information that you’ll need and answer any questions that you may have regarding the administrative law judge or testifying. The hearing itself would last anywhere from 45 minutes to maybe an hour and a half for a typical hearing. The process from the application to the time we get in front of a judge is running 15 to 18 months, from the initial application, going through the levels of appeal, the initial, the reconsideration, and then also the hearing levels of appeal. To have a free evaluation of your disability claim, call us at (918) 265-1404 or visit us at