Do I Have To Go To Court For A Disability Appeal?

Tulsa SSDI Attorney Explains The Federal Court Process

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a disability attorney is that an attorney will take care of all of the legal red tapes for you. This includes the possibility of your case reaching federal court. People with disabilities should not be forced to deal with the stress of appealing a case alone– we guide our clients through the process and are with them every step of the way. In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Gayle Troutman explains the benefits of appealing a disability case to a federal court. Also, she explains what you need to do when you bring your case to a disability attorney, as well as the associated fees.

Video Transcription

We have very favorable case law relative to other places in the country in the 10th Circuit, but you do not get the benefit of that unless you’re in federal court. The agency really doesn’t care what the court thinks. They will only care when the court orders them to care. So sometimes you have to go to the federal court to get the benefit of the law. If you go to federal court, you don’t have to appear at a hearing, you don’t go to court, you don’t give testimony, all you do is agree to take this to court and we handle it. We can even get, may be able to get a waiver of the fee. Now, the court charges $400 – not our charge, it’s the court that charges $400 to file a lawsuit. But if you don’t have $400, in most of these Social Security cases we get the court to waive the fee. For more information or if you have any questions, just go to our website at