Can I Appeal A Social Security Disability Decision?

Tulsa, OK Disability Attorney Explains The Disability Appeals Process

The Social Security Administration allows appeals up to a certain level. If you reach the end of the appeals process within the SSA and are still denied SSDI benefits, you may still have a path forward by speaking to a disability lawyer who handles appeals outside of the Social Security system in the federal courts. In this video, Tulsa SSDI lawyer Steve Troutman explains what sets our law firm apart from other disability law firms, many of which do not handle appeals beyond those that exist within the SSA.

Nobody should be denied Social Security Disability benefits based on their financial situation. Our disability law firm offers free evaluations of your case for new SSDI applicants as well as applicants that have applied and already been denied.

Video Transcription

After you’ve exhausted all the appeals within the Social Security Administration, the next level of appeal is to take the case to federal court, to file a lawsuit, essentially suing the Social Security Administration for not handling your case correctly. Most attorneys don’t do that. We do. And so because of that, a lot of attorneys who try to convince the Social Security Administration that their clients are disabled and are unsuccessful at doing that, they refer the cases to us to pursue them in federal court. If we’re successful at an appeal in federal court, the federal court doesn’t generally grant the person benefits. They have the authority to do that, they have the authority to order the Social Security Administration to give them benefits but 99 percent of the time, at least in this area, if we are successful in federal court, they do what we call a remand. They send the case back to the Social Security Administration, make them redo it, give them another chance to present their case and many times if we get a remand from federal court, on remand they’re successful.

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