Veterans’ Eligibility for Disability Benefits

Disabled veterans make up a significant portion of those receiving benefits from one of Social Security’s programs. Currently, 9.4 million military veterans receive Social Security benefits, meaning that about 25 percent of all beneficiaries are veterans. With veterans from the Vietnam War entering retirement, the government expects veterans to remain a large portion of Social Security beneficiaries. Veterans and current military personnel can speak with a Tulsa Social Security disability lawyer to learn about how the disability process applies to them.

3.6 million World War II veterans and 2.8 Korean War veterans currently receive Social Security benefits, mostly coming from the retirement fund. For younger veterans, if they receive benefits, most of them receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Disabled military personnel should consider applying for SSDI benefits as soon as they can following their injury. A Tulsa Social Security disability attorney can assist them in determining the options they have. Even if a veteran remains on active duty or is able to work in a limited fashion, he or she can still be eligible to begin receiving SSDI benefits. Additionally, veterans qualify for an expedited SSDI process, which, for non-veterans, can take up to several years until they begin receiving disability financial support.

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