Do You Have a Listed Impairment?

Step 3: Tulsa Disability Claim Attorneys Discuss Qualifying for Tulsa Social Security Benefits

At this step of the sequential disability evaluation, the Social Security Administration (SSA) must determine if your impairments meet or equal an impairment in the “listings”. This term describes an official list of very severe impairments in the regulations. It would not be practical to describe all of the listed impairments within this website. Instead, our disability attorneys provide a basic overview as to the nature of these impairments. We then explain the manner in which the SSA evaluates these disability claims.

Listing of Impairments for Disability Benefits

The listings of impairments to determine Social Security eligibility include numerous impairments, both physical and mental. The official listing is different for adults and for children. The most common impairments relate to the following:

  • Musculoskeletal systems
  • Senses and speech
  • Respiratory systems
  • Cardiovascular systems
  • Digestive systems
  • Neurological disorders
  • Mental disorders
  • Immune system disorders

The listing includes impairments that are of such severity that the impairment would render a person unable to work, regardless of that person’s age, work experience or educational background. As an example, the amputation of both feet would meet a listed impairment. Similarly, amputation of both hands or one hand and one foot would meet a listing.

Can I Qualify for Social Security Based on Impairment Severity?

If a person’s impairments meet or equal a listing, which means it is similar to the severity of a listed impairment, then the SSA would find that person disabled at step three. The sequential disability evaluation then stops. If the impairment is not listed but is similar to one that is, or you have several impairments that alone do not qualify as severe but together are, then your disability claim may still receive consideration as being equal to a listing. However, if the claimant does not meet or equal a listing, then the sequential evaluation proceeds to step four of the disability determination.

Ask a Tulsa SSI Attorney about Your Disability Claim

It is important for claimants to recognize the fact that you must follow the sequential evaluation in order. This means that, even if a person meets a listing but is working in a job considered substantial gainful activity, the SSA would not find the person disabled at step one. Then, the disability evaluation would not get to step three.

If you need assistance determining if you have a severe impairment included in the disability listings, then call our disability attorneys today for a free evaluation. Someone at our office can answer questions you have about your Social Security eligibility.