How to be Successful in an Oklahoma Social Security Disability Hearing

Tulsa SSDI Attorney on Social Security Disability Hearing Tips, Questions and Answers

As great as Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits are for millions of Americans, disability hearings can be incredibly confusing. About 70 percent of SSDI applicants are denied benefits initially, so most claims must go through the disability appeals process.

If you are going into a hearing on your own, our Tulsa SSDI lawyers know the law and regulations regarding disability are very difficult and can be hard for individuals to understand. At the Tulsa disability law firm of Troutman & Troutman, P.C., we can help applicants prepare for Oklahoma Social Security disability hearings by making sure the information they provide is appropriate and that Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) follow the law.

No two Oklahoma Social Security disability cases are the same; the biggest tip we can offer you is to speak with a Tulsa disability lawyer directly for specific advice about your claim and the disability appeals process.

What Is the Oklahoma Social Security Disability Hearing Process?

The disability process consists of several stages—the first stage is the initial application, second stage is reconsideration and then followed by a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. If you have a hearing before an ALJ, you may be able to improve the success of your disability case by taking into account the following:

  • Arrive thirty minutes early
  • Make sure your files are organized and include the appropriate medical and lab reports, records of visits to doctors, medication lists with dosages and information about your current treatment plan
  • Be honest when answering questions

SSDI hearings are not held in traditional courtrooms—they are held in small hearing rooms, sometimes in office buildings or Social Security offices, with only a few people present. Claimants sit directly before an ALJ. This can be incredibly intimidating for some people. You must answer questions about your education, employment history, ability to work now and daily activities. You do not want to provide false answers or truthful answers worded poorly before an ALJ that may hurt your chances at obtaining SSDI benefits.

Our Tulsa disability attorneys can guide them in answering Social Security disability hearing questions truthfully and with conviction for the best opportunity of a successful case outcome.

How to Prepare for an Oklahoma Social Security Disability Hearing

Social Security Administration (SSA) statistics show that disability claimants are more likely to receive benefits if an attorney represents them. Our Tulsa disability lawyers help people speed up the claims process of hearings by:

  • Making sure all doctors and/or experts are supportive of the disability claim
  • Preparing clients socially for the courtroom, including how to dress and interact
  • Reviewing and appealing denial decisions
  • Helping clients by advising on how not to make statements that may hurt their case

Make Sure You Have the Best Legal Representation for Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Do not go into a Social Security disability hearing alone. Help your chances at being approved for SSDI benefits by working directly with our Tulsa Social Security lawyers. Many issues that lead to denied SSDI claims are avoidable. Our SSDI law firm can help you avoid these issues and prevent your disability claim being dismissed or slowed down.

Contact our Tulsa Social Security lawyers directly by calling (918) 587-0050 or by using the free case review form located on this page. Let our husband and wife team of SSI/SSDI attorneys in Oklahoma help you be successful at your disability hearing.