What Is Tulsa Doing to Help the Disabled Rejoin the Workforce?

Tulsa World recently reported on a program designed to help disabled people in Tulsa receive the training they need to qualify for jobs. The program, which is called the Visual Service Assistive Technology Lab, was developed to help those who are visually impaired or blind acquire the skills they need to find work. The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services, which is Oklahoma’s employment agency for persons with disabilities, is behind the program.

How Does the Program Help Disabled People Rejoin the Workforce?

Regardless of the disability level of a person, there is help available for them at the Assistive Technology Lab. The office provides blind and visually impaired individuals with assistive technology and trains them to use it. Assistive technology includes any system or piece of equipment that helps people with disabilities improve their functionality. In the case of the visually impaired and blind this includes items such as braille displays and magnifiers. In addition to training the blind and visually impaired to use assistive technology, the lab employs rehabilitation teachers, transition counselors and a deaf-blind counselor.

Can You Work and Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

In the video below, Oklahoma disability lawyer Steve Troutman talks about how people can apply for Social Security disability benefits if they are working.


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