Tulsa Disability Lawyers Discuss What to Do if the SSA Asks for a Medical Exam

This week we have been discussing “consultative exams,” an additional evaluation the Social Security Administration may request in their review of your application for disability benefits. Of course, one way to avoid these exams is to include a thorough medical history and all records that are relevant in proving your disability in the initial application. An experienced attorney can walk you through the entire process.

Those who are called in for a consultative exam may be nervous or uncomfortable talking with a new physician, especially one who is contracted from the SSA. It is important to share all relevant information with the exam doctor. Do not hesitate to explain aspects of your medical history or your disability.

The report that the doctor submits to the SSA will contain any and all findings during the physical exam, as well as any test or lab results. The doctor will also include his or her diagnosis of your condition as well as a prognosis for your future and an opinion on how much and what kind of work you can perform. All this will be essential as the SSA evaluates your case and comes to a decision, so give the doctor plenty of information.

If you are facing a consultative exam, contact a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney for more information about your rights and your options as you move through the evaluation process. The doctor performing the exam will be observing your every action and noting each statement you make. These doctors are on the lookout for people who may be faking or exaggerating symptoms.

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[Social Security Secret of the Day: Make sure your doctor is willing to listen to you and accurately tell the SSA about your limitations and/or daily pain. If your doctor does not seem willing to support you, consider switching doctors.]

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