Tulsa Disability Lawyers Discuss Criminal Convictions and Disability Benefits

If you are unable to work because of a long-term injury or condition, you may be able to qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Some people may be concerned that their past precludes them from gaining disability assistance from the federal government, especially if they have been convicted of a crime. In many cases, that is simply not true. Many people who have been convicted of crimes are still eligible to receive disability benefits, but there are exceptions. An applicant is barred from receiving benefits if:

  • The applicant’s disability arose or was exacerbated because he or she committed a felony.
  • The applicant became disabled while imprisoned for a felony conviction. People who are incarcerated in a jail, prison or correctional facility are not eligible to receive disability benefits.
  • If you have been convicted of killing your spouse or parent in order to receive survivor’s benefits through the SSA, you are ineligible.

In addition, you are not entitled to receive disability benefits if you have certain types of outstanding warrants. These include fleeing to avoid prosecution or jail and escaping from another’s custody. If you have questions about your eligibility to receive disability benefits from the SSA, contact a Tulsa Social Security disability attorney today for more information and a free consultation to discuss your circumstances. You may also reach us by phone at (918) 587-0050.

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