Is It True that Steep Social Security Benefit Cuts Are Coming Soon?

Photo of injured woman in wheelchairHave you heard about the fake news trend? Over the past year or so more and more fake news has been showing up on social media, and that’s got experts concerned. They worry that these sensational stories could misinform the public and hurt our social system, and they could be right.

Are Rumored Steep Social Security Benefit Cuts True?

A story was recently circulating on Facebook that said leaked government papers had revealed a plot to cut Social Security benefits. The article received immediate public scrutiny, and so ABC News investigated the validity of the article. Can you guess what ABC’s investigators found?

It turns out that the article had a factual basis, but was very misleading. Representative Sam Johnson wrote a bill that would decrease Social Security payout, but only for the top earners in the country. Some people that made over $78,000 a year would receive reduced benefits starting in 2030. In December 2018, people making over $85,000 would not receive cost of living adjustments—according to the bill. It also suggests a new cost of living formula that would reduce the adjustment on everyone’s benefits.

The reductions purposed in Rep. Johnson’s bill would continue into 2080 with different levels of roll out. However, the bill is gradual and not being considered by most of the representatives in Congress. That means that the scheme to slash your Social Security benefits was merely another story in the fake news trend—according to ABC. Though the story had the smattering of truth, it misled more than informed.

If such a story had been true, it might have made life harder for people with disabilities. Luckily, our chains were being pulled, but what about next time? Keep up-to-date by following our blog. You can also share with our Tulsa disability attorneys by heading over to our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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