Three Ways Washington is Trying To Help Social Security

As one of the government’s largest social programs, Social Security Disability Insurance is also one of America’s most vital resources. It keeps disabled workers from falling into poverty and helps to keep families on their feet, but the program has several problems that our lawmakers are fighting to work out.

Three Ways Washington is Trying To Help Social Security

  1. Finding Work: The Social Security Administration has a program called Ticket to Work, which focuses on helping people with disabilities stay in the workforce, and helps these people find jobs they can do despite their injuries.
  2. Funding: Last year, officials were concerned that the SSDI trust would run low on money in 2016, but the latest federal budget actually allows the trust to draw on Social Security retirement funds. This system could keep both funds sustained until 2033, but government officials hope to have a better funding system in place long before then.
  3. Reducing the Waitlist: The President has also suggested that more Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) be hired to handle the massive backlog of SSDI rejection appeals. Right now, over one million people are appealing their rejected SSDI petitions, and many of them have legitimate claims. If this waitlist can be shortened, more people with disabilities could get the support they need sooner.

Right now the benefits system for SSDI is stuffed with anti-fraud measures. These measures can sometimes make filing for disability benefits almost impossible. The government is still trying to find the balance between security and getting people with disabilities the help they need fast, and that is why you need to consult a disability attorney right from the beginning of your case. A disability lawyer can help you sort through the complications of the petition system, which could help shorten your wait for benefits.


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